We fight Covid-19 impacts together

At Bengs we have committed ourselves to a pro bono initiative to provide our clients with our strategy, data and innovation experts in order to help them manage the economic and human impacts of Covid-19

In a civic-minded approach we have decided to limit the use of short time working for our employees and devote our time to share here our analyses and feedbacks on the consequences of the crisis within companies as well as to offer free access to digital solutions from our Startup studio

We wish you the best for 2021!

Field Service Industry and Augmented worker – The missing link to finally allow the technician to self-check the key stages of its interventions

Is the Covid-19 crisis a great opportunity for the Healthcare Industry to catch up in terms of digital transformation?


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We are innovative business drivers

Acceleration is of the essence to survive. What large corporations need today is a kick start to find within their own resources the strength to lead the race. We energize your people to bring their operating model to the next level and to act as entrepreneurs and create game-changing new businesses. And we believe in them so strongly, that we often become stakeholders in the businesses we design.

Our philosophy