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Remoteworking in quarantine times: Amaury Houdart, Chief Talent Officer of Euronext, shares his tips and tricks

Amaury Houdard, Chief Talent Officer of Euronext shares with us the tips and recommendations from a #remoteworking and #care brainstorming with all employees

Chapter 1 : conference calls…

Last week we invited all Euronext employees to a live chat discussion around #remoteworking best practices. A lot of great practical ideas! We’ve all seen tips for holding effective conference calls. But during lockdown times when the number of calls can be exponential, and the personal circumstances far from typical, our colleagues had some additional suggestions to share.

  • Be considerate of your colleagues who are parents/care-ers: avoid 12-2pm meetings to give them more time for lunch. More broadly; listen to them and pay attention to their needs in this very special period.
  • Be flexible: keep in mind people are working up to 10 hours a day in one room with their whole family; people might have a more casual/unconventional setup than usual.
  • Make meetings 50 minutes long instead of 1 hour each. This avoids back-to-back calls all day and allows for short breaks. Remember to take 5-10 minutes breaks in the middle of long meetings of 2+ hours.
  • Be efficient: When arranging a meeting, make sure it is essential and that everyone invited is needed. You can always send a written recap to others.
  • Try to use video wherever possible, so you can see each other instead of just using audio. It will allow you to remember that you are speaking to a colleague, not a stranger. And if you are using Teams, don’t hesitate to “Blur your background”!
  • Make sure that you have good quality headphones for clarity of sound and speech during calls.
  • Don’t forget that we are all in this situation together: bring some humanity and humour where appropriate.

Thank you Amaury and all Euronext teams for sharing this experience!