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Because we cannot have every single talent in-house, we are constantly observing emerging trends, monitoring clients conversations, and exchanging views with external experts in order to fuel discussions and bring new ideas to the table. Our Lab is an ecosystem that stimulates collective intelligence. Using innovative techniques, we address the needs of executives, whatever their function or industry. Every year, a new season of the lab runs a 6-month open innovation cycle using the Radical Innovation Design for Business approach, powered by a collaboration with CentraleSupelec engineering school. More than 100 managers have joined the community to reconsider the future of their business, its trends and disruptions.

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Start-up studio

Through our start-up studio approach, we boost your new businesses until they reach a tipping point to efficiently scale-up. Come experience it in our own studio or let us set one up in your working environment.

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Shake the people

We believe that meaning and emotions trigger interest and incentive to transform. We create a physical and digital working environment to energize people so that they can break from their cognitive biases and unleash their creative potential.