Energized business

Driving a key player in Specialty Waste Management to Unified Operations

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, waste management companies play a critical role in protecting the environment. A major player in the sector, faced significant challenges as it expanded through acquisitions. With each new addition, the company inherited a maze of waste tracking and billing systems, leading to inefficiencies and operational disparities. Despite attempts to consolidate these systems, the company struggled with data inaccuracies and compliance risks that hindered future acquisitions and optimisation efforts.

The mission: to unify  hazardous waste business under one comprehensive operating platform

The strategic objectives were clear: becoming a global market leader in environmental solutions while creating significant strategic and financial benefits for their shareholders and customers, including higher margin and recurring revenues, cost savings and potential business synergies opportunities across the network, while maintaining irreproachable compliance.

CORE (Central Operations and Reporting Environment) was envisioned as the future operating system, designed to enable the company in:

  • Transforming the customer experience, satisfying the markets, profitably grow the business
  • Delivering the right data to stakeholders (Regulatory, Operations, Finance)
  • Increasing operations efficiency and speed across the board
  • Maximizing the capacity of the treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDF) network
  • Bringing adhesion and high motivation of the employees
  • Leveraging long-lasting partnerships with our providers
  • Facilitating the integration of new companies (M&A)

The scope of CORE encompasses the entire waste management lifecycle, from collection to final disposal. By providing a single platform for managing hazardous and non-hazardous waste, CORE streamlines operations, enhances stakeholder visibility, and ensures regulatory adherence.

An agile deployment strategy to bring value faster to the business

Discussions and real debate have taken place with all stakeholders involved in this project and a single path has emerged that best positions the organisation for rapid improvements in compliance, revenue, efficiency and data/reporting.

The path forward will not deliver everything to everyone at once; the best part of the next steps will begin with a roll-out of CORE to site operations where people agreed that starting here will deliver the best and fastest value to the business.

The whole business, with the support of senior management, is committed to keeping everyone involved in this effort, which is fundamentally a business project to shape the legacy and future of the business.

The implementation strategy is a phased approach focused on bringing first sites up to best practice, then improving point-of-service offerings and enabling sustainable business expansion.