Bengs Lab

The business models of hyper personnalization

Over the past ten years, the market shares of hyper-personalized services have continuously increased over the standardized offers. The consumption patterns were originally reserved for the BtoC premium market but has now invaded the tailor made BtoB market.

Where does it impact the traditional business models? How does it change the management patterns and the governance rules? How can we take advantage of this trend to transform the client-supplier relationship on a long lasting basis ? What are the best practices to reconcile agility and the opening of ecosystems. How to preserve the identity and know-how of each contributor in the value chain while stimulating the colloaborative economy? Big data, artificial intelligence, how can we leverage emerging technologies?

Companies from various sectors of industry have tried to solve an impossible equation: How can we offer a consumer the feeling to be treated with differentiation while offering the same products or services to millions of others?

This season of our open innovation lab deep dives in every aspects of the conventional business model are in order to boldly rethink them through the lens of hyperpersonnalization.