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The role of the holding in the innovation dynamics of a group

Among the many governance topics tackled by large multinational corporations, the innovation dynamics hold a special place. They have even become a decisive factor in the agenda of executive committees, going beyond the bounds of research and development or the alliances and partnerships strategies.

Innovation is within every operational business unit to become the lifeblood of competitiveness. Disruptive transformations, whether they are digital, technological or grounded on new business models won’t succeed without the right pace, the proper funding and a wide variety of open expertises.

A group of 15 general secretaries from large private or public corporations have decided to work on that topic within our open innovation lab, as their mission is to gather the conditions that will allow the controlled development and the sustainability of a large variety of activities. 12 différents sectors of industries were represented

They questioned the contribution of the parent company to the innovation dynamics at a time where big corporations get inspired by the agility of the start-ups while capitalizing on their capabilities. With them, we have built up a framework to assess their added value on 5 streams and 20 possible area of intervention alongside with the business units:

  • Innovation strategy
  • Group funding
  • Resources mutualization
  • Growth synergies
  • Risk management