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Successful scale up for a Corp’up generated from Bengs’ Start-up studio for Sodexo

In less than two years, the radical innovation approach designed by Bengs has enabled Sodexo to revolutionize the hospital food service offer. Sodexo was the first to implement the concept, winning a call for proposal worth several hundred million euros over eight years for Elsan.
In addition to this initial success, the Bengs Start-up studio made it possible to implement an entire approach to reinventing offers as well as innovation management principles centered on revenue generation and the transformation of corporate cultures.

Congratulations to all the teams who have worked hard over many months to get to this point.
This first successful scale up calls for others to come, as it is more than 12 Corp’ups for major CAC 40 corporates that Bengs has brought out over the last 3 years.

Les Echos – Elsan et Sodexo veulent révolutionner la restauration à l’hôpital