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The legal system at the heart of securing economic life in times of health crisis! Join our webinar on March 31st

What will be the role of the Chief Legal Officers when all the contractual commitments become null and void?

Breakdown of financing, disruption of the supply chains, quality failure, value chain failure, these are example of the multiple issues the Legal Department will be facing.

Last month Bengs and the Cercle Montesquieu had planned to bring legal directors together in March in order to discuss the challenges of their legal digital transformation in 2020.

It’s a good bet that the Chief Legal Officers will be under high tension in the days and weeks to come, both to secure the present and to restart after the COVID-19 crisis.

We have decided to maintain this event that becomes even more meaningful in the urgency of the current context. Of course it’s format has been switched to a full digital webinar in order to ensure the safety of all participants.

How can legal departments manage their digital transformation to secure the survival of the company?

This question now becomes relevant to set up a combat mode for your operations: how to set up a a minimum service? how to ensure the traceability and security of exchanges? How to manage secured remote collaborative workplaces?

Webinar – 2020, année charnière du digital dans les directions juridiques

31/03/2020 – 16:00 à 17:00

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Follow our latest work on the digital transformation of Legal Departments

Internal lawyers, how can you successfully manage your digital transformation?

2020 will be a pivotal year for the digital transformation of legal departments!

In collaboration with SNCF, Bengs turned the Legal Department’s digital transformation into an opportunity to disrupt working habits