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Three years after its inception, Bengs, one of the leading French start-ups in innovation and strategy consulting, expands to North America

In a context of increasingly globalized innovation, North America is Bengs’ first move in its international expansion.  

Bengs’ development will take place first in the Eastern United States and Canada – each offering different sectoral benefits, while representing three major innovation hubs.    

In parallel of its consulting activities, Bengs is setting up its second open innovation hub: the Bengs Lab, a “Do Tank” aiming at applying Bengs innovation methodologies to the American market.  

From across the Atlantic, Bengs will also be able to best meet the global transformation needs of its European customers, themselves very active in North America.  

An additional goal will be to develop an ecosystem encompassing “large groups – startups – academics” equivalent to the one developed in France with the Innovation Chair of Centrale Supélec, around the Radical Innovation Design for business®* methodology.  

After an 80% growth over the past two years, Bengs aims for a 50% growth in 2018, with the ambition to deliver sound and long-term growth, in France and abroad.  

* Disruptive innovation design methodology in short cycle