Bengs Lab

Reinvent the complementarity Human - Technology

4 Prepare Companies for Augmented Workers

4.1 New type of impact analysis

The Bengs Lab has structured a template to evaluate the impacts of the identified evolutions. Three dimensions are analysed: workload, work drudgery and meaning of work.

Each mission/task/activity of the worker is registered online.

  1. The workload is the breakdown of the week allocated to the completion of each activity. It is defined as the percentage of time devoted to carrying out that activity in a normal working week.
  2. Drudgery represents exposure to an aggressive physical environment, or to work rhythms likely to leave long-lasting, identifiable and irreversible traces on health. It is represented by a score between 0 and 10. The greater the drudgery, the higher the score.
  3. The meaning of work models the match between the activities to be performed and individual interests, skills, or goals. It is also represented by a score from 0 to 10. The more meaningful the activity is to the employee, the higher the score.

For each line/activity, a comparison is made between the situation before the solution is set up and the situation after to measure the effectiveness of the implemented solution.

The purpose of this template is to make sure that the implemented solution does not negatively impact the employee’s vision of his work. This template takes a declarative form because only the employee can estimate the percentage of time spent on each of his activities, the drudgery and the meaning he gives to it.