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Reinvent the complementarity Human - Technology

Today, the machine becomes autonomous: cars, algorithmic trading, factories and dehumanized warehouses. At the same time, human errors make man appear as a risk factor.

In this context, we are told that many professions are disappearing in order to eventually free man from the constraints of work thanks to new forms of Intelligence. In the near future, some jobs will disappear to be completely automated, but an overwhelming majority of jobs will require a combination of the efficiency of human intelligence and the power of Artificial Intelligence and robots. Is there a limit to the productivity of these Augmented Workers, working daily with machines? The impact on physical or cognitive drudgery must be anticipated for each of these “reinvented” jobs. Doesn’t requiring an employee to be at 100% all the time risk putting him or her in danger? In this case, before wanting to increase the productivity of employees, shouldn’t AI first and foremost guarantee their safety?

Many challenges limit the use of Artificial Intelligence within companies. In order to accelerate their transition to Augmented Worker, it is necessary to start by creating a positive innovation dynamic that will set in motion the whole company and its ecosystem.

The members of Bengs Lab’s Season 7 tackled this issue by imagining the Augmented Worker: How to put the Human back at the heart of our industries and services by reinventing the complementarity between Human and Technology?

This study synthesizes the work done by the members of Bengs Lab’s Season 7. We hope that it will help you to accelerate the deployment of “Augmented Worker” solutions that create value and preserve the place of Women and Men within the company.

3 The key challenges ahead

Every player in the economy is constantly seeking to increase its productivity and remain competitive in the market. In order to keep its talents, a company must encourage their development. The Augmented Worker is therefore a current and major issue for organizations and yet there are many obstacles to the development of the Augmented Worker. Artificial intelligence must go out of the office to Augment the employees where they work. What barriers must be overcome? What is stopping companies from deploying the Augmented Worker? This multitude of problems can be segmented into 4 main categories :

4 Prepare Companies for Augmented Workers

Because a company that evolves slower than its environment is in danger, it is important to continuously evaluate its situation and the available opportunities. By opportunity, we mean evolutions that fit to the right time and place, and are favorable to the organization.
The first step is therefore to be aware of and open to organizational and technological changes. Moreover, a solution should not be chosen randomly, so there is no need to rush. To do this, you must take time to think and use tools to help you analyze the company's situation.
The Bengs Lab has developed 3 tools to help companies prepare:

6 Thanks to all our Bengs Lab members!