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3 The key challenges ahead

3.4 Market maturity

The last obstacle is the lack of knowledge of the solutions offered by the market. The lack of sharing and exchange within the ecosystem makes it difficult for companies to adopt Augmented Worker solutions. It is therefore this lack of maturity of companies on this subject that makes it difficult to size and market Augmented Worker offers.


This subject is only covered by the offers of management training consulting firms. This is why we had considered creating a feedback / best practices platform. The latter would correspond to a catalogue of use cases qualified as Augmented Worker presenting the benefits, ROI, prerequisites, duration, panel of different solutions. A unique place to find Augmented Worker projects that you could or should start.

This platform would have three main functionalities:

  1. Centralize information on available Augmented Worker solutions (stakes, impacts, needs…)
  2. Analyze and recommend Augmented Worker solutions to customers according to their profile
  3. Connecting solution providers and requesting companies


For companies, the observation is clear: on the one hand, it is essential to support the Augmented Worker to remain competitive and on the other hand, there are real obstacles to the development of the Augmented Worker.

To select the best Augmented Worker solution to implement in a company, the Bengs Lab has built a framework to analyze companies situations.