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Reinvent the complementarity Human - Technology

1 Augmented Worker, an alternative to automation

1.6 A new definition of the Augmented Worker

The deployment of Augmented Worker solutions, like any technological and societal evolution, involves risks. The good control of these risks seems to us to be an essential element to allow the acceptance of these new solutions by the employees within the companies. We therefore propose a new definition of the term Augmented Worker, which sets more ambitious objectives than the previous one:

Augmented Worker : [ɔːɡˈmɛntɪd ˈwəːkə] n. m. An employee whose performance is improved by a collaboration with technological tools. Humans keep their free will and master Technology. Technology assists the employee in his tasks, by simplifying his work or controlling some of the variables. The Augmentation allows employees to carry out more specialised tasks with a higher degree of quality.