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Gojibo launches Raph, the first bot that boosts team performance and motivation

With occupational psychologists, ergonomists, data scientists and management experts, GOJIBO has developed a bot that monitors the well-being of employees and relies on predictive technologies to get the most out of “Virtual Teams”.

The ideal colleague to accompany the teams, from the inside, while respecting confidentiality.

Raph, the Bot of Gojibo, is a caring colleague for the entire organization who shares personalized advice, conducts individual assessments and proposes personalized improvement plans. He naturally exchanges with individuals to analyse their stress levels, practices and collective dynamics, develop a diagnosis and make recommendations to improve the efficiency and well-being of all employees, including managers.
Raph provides the manager with contextualized advice, practices and methods that improve the collaboration, efficiency and commitment of his team.

From a practical point of view, Raph connects to all common digital instant messaging tools. Through daily contact via the company’s instant messaging system he maintains the link with all employees. He constantly renews and adapts himself to build a friendly and enriching relationship, while strictly respecting the confidentiality of information.

A solution to try urgently to stay in the race

As a result of containment, a large part of the population has switched to teleworking to continue their activity. This way of working, which brings together employees working on common projects despite distance, organizational boundaries, and sometimes language and time zones, is a “Virtual Team”. Large organisations, as well as small hyper-connected ones, have been using this type of operation since long before the CoViD-19 crisis. The post-containment world will see a significant increase in these modes of working*.

The challenge is therefore to take advantage of communication technologies, but also to reinvent the modes of management and collective leadership to adapt to this new reality, and even benefit from a significant increase in collective efficiency. A “Virtual Team” is capable of much higher productivity, commitment and efficiency than a physical team if it is properly managed and animated (up to +22% according to studies**).

A startup created in full confinement within Bengs’ Startup Studio

Gojibo is the latest of the start-ups incubated in Bengs’ start-up studio. It is the product of the Radical Innovation Design for Business innovation approach (method co-developed with CentraleSupelec) developed within the Bengs-Lab. The Bengs-Lab has been bringing together several Cac 40 players each year since 2014 around a key theme. The latest season of our Bengs Lab conducted its work on the Augmented Worker and imagined, among other things, artificial intelligence solutions to ensure the physical and psychological safety of employees.

* Gartner study – March 2020

** Telework in large French companies, Report of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, 2012